HawkHost Releases An Update For cPanel Version 66

Hawkhost just released an update for cPanel version 66 and available on all their shared, semi dedicated and reseller hosting services. As always each version of cPanel brings with it numerous fixes, performance improvements and features and this version is no different.

Below are new features in this version

Updated phpMyAdmin

phpMyadmin in cPanel has also been updated from 4.6 to 4.7 with improvements and fixes. You can read the entire changelog update of phpMyAdmin here.

Improved SSL/TLS Status Page

cPanel 66 introduces an improved SSL/TLS status page which gives you complete control over our AutoSSL feature that we launched when we became an official Let’s Encrypt sponsor. You can get to the SSL/TLS status page by searching for it under the security tab in cPanel:

Once reaching the SSL/TLS Status page you’ll now notice not only do you have the SSL/TLS status of all your certificates but you can now include and exclude the issuing of certificates for all your domains and subdomains.

Improved Web Server Performance

While Litespeed is already the fastest performing web server this is always an opportunity to find even the slightest performance improvement. As of cPanel 66 our systems will look for .htaccess files in fewer directories meaning a slight (not noticeable) performance gain for all our servers.

But besides that, also have a few features aren’t updated. There are however reasons for this as we’ve already been offering superior versions of each of them, such as: Application Manager, WordPress Manager

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