Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services – Updated 2020

We understand that choosing a reliable web hosting is a tough task because of the mushrooming of web hosting services. We have dedicated for providing help to aspiring website owners and experienced webmasters in their search for reliable web hosting services which is cheap hosting as well. All of the top 5 best web hosting services given below are selected after careful analysis and ensure that they are dependable too. Because your website and even your livelihood might be depending on your website, which in turn depends on web hosting.

best web hosting

Web HostPrice fromFeaturesRatingMore Info
Get iPage Coupons
Save 85%
Disk Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domain Name: Free 1 Year
$500 Free Advertising Credits
Free Sitelock Security Tools
bluehost$2.95 Disk Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domain Name: Free
Revolutionary VPS Technology
Integrated Key Features for Wordpress
Get Hostgator Coupons
Save 71%
Disk Space: Unlimited
Band width: Unlimited
Domain Name: $15
$100 Google AdWords Offer
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
hawk-host$2.99Get Hawkhost Coupons
Save 40%
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Domains
FREE Migrations
FREE Memcached Server
Unlimited Email Accounts
stablehost4.95Get Stablehost Coupons
Save 50%
Unlimited Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwith
SSD Powered
Online Website Builder

Why trust our best web hosting recommendations

Selection of best web host is not essentially all about choosing the most expensive web hosting service. Rather, you can also trust cheap web hosts which have been recommended by experienced webmasters and other website owners who have used their services. The most important factor is to know the important aspects about hosting before you entrust any company with your hosting needs. It is at this improved understanding that reviews by us are helpful.

As we have also discussed above, we review a large number of web host companies to find out and select those which we can further recommend to our readers. There are several factors on which we rate hosting companies when we review to be certain that the reviews are not only fully comprehensive. But also really beneficial to our readers as well in making their selection of web host.

If you are in search of affordable web hosting services, and you have no clue where to start from then you can surely rely on us in giving you guidance in your search.

We recommend hosting after a thoroughly reviewing it. Pricing is just one of the factors on which we evaluate web hosting companies. There are five other factors too which are given importance in selection of a web hosting. These factors are speed, features, ease of use, reliability and customer support.

The web hosting reviews are done by professional webmasters and experts who are fully knowledgeable on what exactly a web hosting service should be and what is actually required to keep customers satisfied and happy.

Finding the Best Web Hosts  – By going through our web hosting reviews, you can find the cheapest web hosting company easily and be sure at the same time that the service you selected will serve all your web hosting needs in a satisfactory manner.

Start your website now – After reading our web hosting reviews, you immediately get an understanding that which web host companies are bad and which are good. You can simply narrow down your search of web hosts and choose the best web hosting company that will satisfy all your needs. After that you can just focus on setting up and creating your own website without wasting any time.

Factors for Evaluating Web Hosting Services


This is the most critical and important factor that should come into consideration when you are choosing a cheap website host. However, this factor you can only be sure when you have a paid service with the company. However, there are quite a number of free services that can give you an idea of the reliability of a website. One such service is Pingdom which gives an average up-time for any web host service.


While consistency and stability of a web host are essential, but the importance of loading time of a page or website can not be ignored at all. You should ensure that all pages of your website load and open really fast. We make use of Pingdom to gauge the speed of affordable web hosting services that we review.



The most expensive web hosting is not always the best web hosting. It is for this reason that pricing is just one factor in host comparison and other factors like refunds, payment options, money-back guarantee other such payment related options are also evaluated. Cost-effectiveness is, however, important criteria to ensure that our top 5 best web hosting list about cheap web hosting packages  is actually useful for the customer. Besides, In each hosting price at above table compares, I also add a link to post its provide hosting coupons and hope you save more money when buy hosting.



While writing our reviews for the best web hosts, we try our best to ensure that you can shop with ease after reading our helpful reviews. All the features offered by a host are organized in a graphical and easy to comprehend manner. We also make a comparison of important features like bandwidth, disk space and other important features of web hosts.

Customer Support

Another very important aspect about a web hosting company is the quality and timeliness of customer support. You will surely get frustrated and annoyed if the web hosting company does not provide help when you need it even if you have gone for cheap web hosting service. While reviewing a host, we factor in support options available (email, phone, live chat), response time and the quality of response by the support personnel. It is also a deciding factor if the support team leads users to useful and helpful references and material.

Ease of Use

Many people think that price or having more bandwidth is important in selection web hosting service and in doing so they completely ignore easy of use. If you count yourself among those, the chances are that you might end up facing many problems as you try to navigate through difficult menus and interface of hosting control panel of cheaper web hosts. It is because of this that while reviewing web hosts, we ensure that ease of use is kept in view.