Domain .COM only $0.88 at Namecheap, Register now!

namecheap coupon

Domain  .COM prices are falling dramatically to $ 0.88 for the first year. This is a price that can not be found elsewhere in the world.

Click the button below to receive a coupon code and register now:

Domain .COM only $0.88/years
  • Payment can be made by PayPal or Visa / Master Card.
  • Price applies for the first year, the extension is $12.98.

The price is good, however, each customer can use only once, for the first bill with new customers ( Old customers do not apply). So, after clicking the button above, if you do not have a Namecheap account you register a new one, find a domain name, enter the coupon code and pay immediately.

How to use your Namecheap Coupon Codes

1. Click your chosen Namecheap Promo Code above

Once you click the coupon, you will be taken to the website, and a popup will show the coupon code then you need to copy it. This makes it very easy to use the coupon, as you will simply have to right-click and select paste in the coupon box, as you will see later in these instructions.

2. Choose your service you want to buy

3. Enter your Namecheap Coupon, and proceed to checkout

We recommend that you choose to pay for at least one year to make the most of your Namecheap coupon code. You should right-click in the Coupon box, and select paste (clicking the coupon earlier copied the code to your clipboard). Please note that some Offers will require you to create a free account before you can use the coupon. You will know if this is the case as a yellow alert message will appear, and all you have to do is click on “Create a free account,” enter your details and select continue. You will need to do this before you checkout, but it seems they want you to do it a step earlier. Check that one of the Coupons has been applied and then proceed to checkout.

Namecheap coupon

There are a couple of things to note when using one of our Discount codes. Firstly, they apply to the first invoice, so by signing up for longer, you can make greater savings. Secondly, you can only use one coupon at a time, so feel free to purchase items in multiple orders. Also, you will often find some great offers (unbeatable in many cases) on the order form. One such offer we often find is a $1.99 SSL certificate, which is particularly easy to install there (their support is great for helping with this).

4. Continue to Checkout.

You will need to either log into your account or create an account before you can arrange payment for your services. If you have already created an account, then you should already be logged in, and you will go directly to the payment screen. In our experience, you will get an immediate email confirming the purchase, and within a few hours, you will receive details of the hosting service. If you are buying domains, then you will see these applied to your account immediately.